they call me mellow pomelo

Written by Arielle

I am not a big fan of fruit. Maybe I have mentioned this before. Fruit and I have a complicated relationship, in which I am complicated and they want to have a relationship. The pressure I feel from fruit is the same pressure one feels when one has an assignment due for class. One thinks they have more than enough time to finish the assignment, but as time and procrastination drags on, all the sudden its a bowl full of brown bananas and guilt. I cannot handle the guilt of rotting fruit or the pressure to do something with it before it rots.

But the pomelo I adore. It is everything I want from a fruit. Long lasting, well protected, meaty, juicy, visceral, erotic, lovely, light. All the things. One feels like an animal while consuming it. The normal feeling citrus peel on the outside has a thick, fleshy, soft inside. The fruit is protected by an iridescent membrane and is pulpy, tough, juicy and heavy. It tastes like a light and sweet grapefruit. It is great to eat alone, or in salads, or in yogurt, or or or.

The pomelo is a non-hybrid and is the origin fruit for many new species of citrus.