just a slow dance till dinner

Written by Arielle

The best sort of party is a dinner party, or a lunch party or a brunch party. Food is best enjoyed with good company. Inspiration for cooking is indulged when one has many to cook for. It is unfortunate that in the times we live in when one is not being invited constantly to other’s homes for eating and drinking and dancing (for the main part of civilized humanity, this has been the primary form of entertainment). I think, for the most part, people are overwhelmed before they even think about cooking. They have seen pinterests with dinner tables with matching napkins with napkin rings and place cards and flowers and crystal bowls full of fruit that is to be looked at only and they have seen instagrams full of fancy foods and perfect plating… Let me just tell you, many people are just happy sitting on a crate in a garden using a cut open bottle for a cup and sharing their plate with their neighbor eating with their hands some random foods you made from the leftovers in your fridge. I am not saying it is wrong to have the pinterest looks or the instagram foods, I am just saying don’t let it stop you from inviting your neighbor over for some spaghetti. If you love food and friends then invite your friends over as soon as possible and cook for them. Tell them to bring the wine 😉