empty pandas

Written by Arielle

I am a big fan of leftovers because you can make it into new stuff. So leftovers become waffels, leftovers become stock, leftovers become empanadas (or if you are my friends with hearing problems then “empty pandas”).

Empanadas are basically a simple pastry stuffed with meat, cheese or fruit. They are specifically of Hispanic origin, however, the Italians got their “mpanatigghi” and the Cornish have their “pasty” and the Indians have their samosa… and I am pretty sure other cultures also have their little, stuffed pocket pies. I mean, it is a great idea, why would it just belong to only one culture?

I like to make empanadas with my leftover Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing (I even sometimes include the cranberry sauce and/or the gravy). It is a nice way to make and freeze and instant meal.

I use the dough recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I have experimented with many recipes and this recipe is by far the best I have ever used. It is perfect every time, and you can freeze just the dough so you can always have some on hand when you want to turn something into an empanada. As for the stuffing, if I am not using leftover turkey, I like to make them with onion, spinach, potato and cheese, or you can do it samosa style with sweet potato curry and green peas, or you can take a thick beef stew, or pulled pork, or ground beef with chopped tomato, jalapenos and cheese. I don’t know. The world is your oyster. Just don’t use oysters… that probably will not work… But if it does work, I would love to have the recipe 😉