stroganoff and on

Written by Arielle

February is cold and stupid and full of suffering. People have just come down from the Holidays to be greeted by life. REAL LIFE.  And real-life needs real food. Easy. Cozy. Warm. A little hug of food to get one through the day… That is why I like stroganoff. The Russians had it right. Cold misery needs good food. However, since the Russians made it way way way way back when… Everyone has a recipe, and everyone’s is a little different.

How I do:

I like the broad, long, egg noodles. You can usually only find them at grocery stores that have a pasta fetish. Then the usual ingredients of beef, mushrooms, onions, stock, dijon mustard, butter, flour, sour cream, dill. (In the version in the picture, I added carrots, because… I had carrots… You can add them too, they are very nice.)

Okay, so this is simple stuff, do not overthink it. Take your boneless-ribeye, pound it flat (not super flat, just a bit of pounding), cut into strips and then lightly sear in a hot pan with oil, then put aside. You do not want to steam it, so do not overcrowd your pan. Do batches if necessary. After that take your pan, add a little more oil and then add the sliced onions and toss them around till they get soft, then add the sliced mushrooms, toss around a bit till the mushrooms are almost cooked, add some butter, be generous, butter is delicious. Then add your flour, a couple of tablespoons. Cook the flour all over the vegetables then you want to add your beef or vegetable broth, mix in well. No lumps, please. Now add the cream and the mustard and the beef. Add salt and pepper to your liking and take off the heat. Serve with the noodles as cooked by the noodle directions on the noodle box. You can add a dash of sour cream and dill for garnish.

The winter feels better already 🙂