mystery meat lasagna

Written by Arielle

Meat found at the nearby Polish corner store is all mystery meat because I do not know Polish…

Little-baby-secret: I am a tad impulsive when it comes to buying weird stuff in grocery stores. I collect the items in my cupboards, fridge, shelves, freezer. Waiting for their moment to be understood! Waiting for their moment to be used! Sometimes, when I am hungry and desperate, these moments come for these mysterious items that I collect. So, that is how mystery meat lasagna was born!

Mystery meat lasagna: Normal lasagna stuff, minus the beef sauce and plus the canned polish meat that may be of pork/chicken hybrid origin and some bacon. I made a cream sauce out of it with onion, garlic, and sour cream and then stacked it like a normal lasagna. It worked out. Lasagna forgives as long as you have enough sauce.