how I really feel about peeling chickpeas

Written by Arielle

So, there are these recipes about the creamiest, bestest, super goodest, most amazing hummus ever. And it involves peeling the chickpeas… I thought, why not, let me try this technique.

And so I did. I camped out in front of the kitchen sink, sitting on a stool for what seemed like hours and shelled chickpeas. For hours. Was the hummus extra creamy? Yes, yes it was. Was it worth it? No. And I was watching Game Of Thrones while I was doing it, still not worth it.

I told other people this, some were like “oh my god why?” and some people were like “but, it is the best!” and some people suggested cooking the chickpeas with baking soda to make the peeling easier. But, no, never again. It was good… but not that good.