community and art

Written by Arielle

I met these two women, Lieke and Bieke and they invited me and drink&draw to participate in a very interesting community project. It has to be the most interesting community project I have ever been asked to participate in. Here is the story: A street with a lot of bad houses… full of drug users and bad tenants gets bought back by the city. The houses are a mess, derelict, empty, sad and the city invites Lieke and Bieke to create a project that re-integrates these houses into the community while creating a sense of community. These empty houses will be created into a project where families can buy them for cheap, but in the time while they are empty is a chance to create a sense of community with the surrounding neighbors. They set up a community space and planted gardens in the front areas. Then they made a street festival which drink&draw was invited to draw in the windows to make them more friendly and less empty.

The whole community ended up participating in the decorating of windows creating an amazing community art project.